My Facebook Montage

imagesA few days ago I started seeing Facebook posts that said, “Here’s my Facebook movie. Find yours at…” followed by a hot link. And I was determined to just ignore the whole thing and not be a lemming. But by yesterday almost my entire Facebook wall was filled with peoples’ movies.

Let me just put it out there that I am the original bar/bat mitzvah montage curmudgeon. I think generally that the photomontages shown at bar mitzvahs are way too long, too personal (too many pictures of just the child and their immediate family) and hence painfully dull for anyone not in the celebrant’s immediate circle. So, my first reaction to the Facebook movies was I don’t need to watch another photomontage, even if it’s about me, or especially if it’s about me.

Alas, I couldn’t hold out so I clicked on my movie and I have to say Facebook’s sixty-two second wrap up of our relationship had a surprisingly strong emotional impact. From the melodic music and my beginning to my most liked posts and finally to the iconic Facebook final thumbs up…well done, Facebook. Well done.

How did they know how to hit me directly in the kishkas? It’s all an algorithm I’ve been told. But, tell that to my heart and my eyes which are suspiciously damp. Are we really the sum of our likes, others say and I don’t necessarily disagree with them.  It’s a good point. If I post something and not a lot of people “liked” it, but it mattered greatly to me, doesn’t it still belong in my narrative? Maybe, but we’ve only got sixty-two seconds folks. Something had to wind up on the cutting floor.

And to Facebook, I say, “It doesn’t change a thing but even so after 6 years it’s nice to know…”

One thought on “My Facebook Montage

  1. Ok…I have to look at your facebook wall now to find your tear jerking montage. My arm has been twisted. Unfortunately my movie made me frustrated and disappointed. The events didn’t seem to have any order (maybe my timeline is messy) and the only really juicy moment was the announcement of my son’s birth.. the rest was just every day musings.

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